iLevel Ergonomics Spinal Brace Manufacturing Canada is the sole source provider of the world's only existing © Wearable Comfort Smartphone Ergonomics Docking Station and the ProperviewErgonomics™ Technology, a lightweight user-fulcrum lever(s) suspension strap system that:

  • Prevents musculoskeletal disorders resulting from poor posture (forward head posture) smartphone viewing;
  • Immobilizes clavicle area;
  • Reconditions non-ergonomic smartphone viewing; and
  • Is optimal for corrective rehabilitative and post-recovery conditions.

iLevel Ergonomics Spinal Brace Manufacturing Canada is the only manufacturer in the world with the unique technical competence, expertise, experience and proprietary knowledge in the application of the Orthosis, wearable ergonomics docking station™ as-well-as the aerospace engineered design and manufacture of the user-fulcrum suspension lever(s); of the billions of smartphone operatives globally there exist only one Human Factors Engineered Wearable Mobile Ergonomics Health Technology.