The iLevel Ergonomics Orthosis Wearable Docking Station is backed by its manufacturer’s iLevel Comfort™ Guarantee.

We are confident in a ten year (to date) research, design and development process and guarantee your docking station will provide you the hands free wearable ergonomic viewing comfort it is engineered it to provide.

iLevel Ergonomics Lightweight Comfort™ Guarantee The iLevel Ergonomics Orthosis Posture Support is compatible with a ProperviewErgonomics™ Technology which allows a its wearer to ergonomically distribute the weight of a smartphone mounted for eye level viewing; comfortably on the shoulders and trapezius muscle.

How heavy?
Less than 2 pounds including the weight of your smartphone device, balanced on your shoulders.

International Patents Pending

To ensure the greatest iLevel Comfort fit:

1) Make an appointment with your local Orthotist for custom fitting. Bring with you your iLevel Ergonomics Orthosis Posture Support Strap and the User-Fulcrum component.

2) Ask the Orthotist to slightly bend the ends of the fulcrum according to the natural contour of your shoulder/trapezius region (where the user-fulcrum will rest when properly fastened)

3) Insert the fulcrum into the Orthosis enclosure and zipper close. Properly fasten the Orthosis.

4) If necessary, repeat steps 2-4 until the Orthotist matches the natural contour of your shoulder to your fulcrum, and to your comfort.

See fastening instructions
Please read and follow the instruction guide provided with your Orthosis wearable docking station for the proper application of the device.

Aerospace Engineered Contour User-fulcrum Bending Instructions

Red X - do not modify this region of the user-fulcrum technology. Green Zone - custom fitting zone safe for slight downward bend; according to the users shoulder contour and comfort.

What to know prior to fitting

  • Use a mirror for the best results.
  • The center (V) of the no bend zone has a proper positioning located at the center of your upper back.
  • Locate and feel the (above) proper positioning before customizations begin.
  • Continuously check that you are maintaining this positioning during custom bending process.
  • Ensure that the fulcrum “V” is in its proper starting position after you have completed the customization

1. In proper starting position the “V” should be pointing downward and touching the center of your upper back (as seen below in fig. 3 the ‘V’ is not down)

2. As the user-fulcrum red zone is centred and rests properly on your trapezius muscle in the start position (fig. 1 & 2 above), the downward bend required of each green end (for custom fitting) becomes revealed (as seen below)

3. You must slightly bend the two green ends of the fulcrum (region not touching your shoulders) downward to comfort. (Make sure not to compromise the positioning of the no bend zone center “V” point)

4. When the no bend zone maintains its proper positioning AND the two green zone ends are equally bent (comfortably resting on your shoulders) you have achieved the iLevel Comfort Custom Fit.

5. Follow the instructions to secure the user-fulcrum inside of the Orthosis.